Multipost mode?

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Having to click reply multiple times seems like it might be just enough of a hassle to prevent people from doing that themselves. However, an old rule for writing is that one should “theme” their paragraphs and I see that many people do still follow that rule when writing posts here. So maybe a “multipost” mode where the forum software automatically splits out a post with several paragraphs into separate posts would be a neat feature? Maybe that mode could even be set as the default for a topic that the moderator thinks they might want to reorganize? Maybe it could even be an action that could be applied by a moderator or the original author after they have committed the post?

Just an idea.

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It would have to be a new upstream discourse feature…

Not an apples to apples comparison, but this sounds like in effect it would work like this neat Threads feature: press Enter three times and it starts a new reply (multiple replies can be posted together, and replies can be collapsed).

The implementation will be different of course, since Discourse is more geared towards longer form writing, but the seamlessness should be similar - much better than posting replies one by one.

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