Mozilla VPN build

Hey all,

Mozilla has been playing with rolling out their own VPN, which I rather like the idea as a way to support the org. But as one may know they have builds for just Ubuntu at the moment as ask people to compile on their own systems. Wondering if anyone has done that, as I am not one that compiles software often, I keep running into issues with cmake which I will leave outside of this comment first before delving down that rabbit hole.

Wondering if there is someone that would be up for maintaining a build for Fedora, the source code is available here GitHub - mozilla-mobile/mozilla-vpn-client: A fast, secure and easy to use VPN. Built by the makers of Firefox.

i think mozilla vpn is using wireguard you can use networkmanager or Installation - WireGuard
and fill peer and interface private and public key and use.

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Thanks for the tip, the issue in this case is I am not sure how to get the private and public key, since Mozilla VPN does not seem to give the openvpn config or the wireguard info like mullvad does.

it should provide you can simple
you simply ask them to know how to download there wireguard .conf file.
you can ask them anywhere twitter matrix github or anywhere.

Theoretically it should automatically provide that .conf file when the package is installed. YMMV

Hi, I’m new here, though I use Fedora since at least 2015. Great distro, I really love it.
I enjoy Mozilla products a lot too, Firefox, Thunderbird, and now Mozilla VPN.

Danny Collins provides a Copr with packages for Mozilla VPN here : [dannycolin/mozillavpn Copr](https://His copr)

I have no problem with the idea of compiling this VPN on my PC(s), but there are two things that I can’t get working : multi-hop and local network access. Neither on D. Collin’s version, nor on mine.

On Ubuntu, those features work well. I don’t know enough to understand what fails. Anybody ?


Thanks for the info this is a good start. I am at the stage where compiling is not part of my regular routine let alone supporting it. But I am more than happy to test out builds. Which I just installed this and was able to get it to work though changing settings seems to crash, but it comes back and tends to work.

That being said I am running into the same issue as you where it does not see a local network device. It does inform me when it is running that there is an update available but that seems to not bring any since it probably needs to be a compiled update.

I would be curious if others here would be up for testing it out. I do wonder if Mozilla has developers working on test ones too

There is no update warning when compiled from Git (of course). Unfortunatelly, Mr Collins’ package isn’t up-to-date right now.

I have requested for help at Mozilla support, but I think they don’t know what to do about this problem under Fedora.

I don’t know how M VPN works, I don’t understand why it works perfectly on Ubuntu, but fails on Fedora. In addition, it’s like nobody use both Fedora and this VPN ! :smile:

I’m still investigating into this.