Help building Mozilla VPN from source

Hi all,

Looking for some help in getting Mozilla VPN running. I’ve been using Linux for a while but have never really delved into making anything from source.

Anyway I have been trying to install the mozillavpn in a toolbox to see if I could run it that way… perhaps not a good approach either so let me know. I put my steps in a file that I will figure out how to attach, but I’m stuck at the make options… I’m not sure how to use make.

Appreciate any help anyone can provide. Thanks!

I guess there’s no option to attach files? Thought there was in the past and had made some notes on what I did, they are probably a bit too much to just paste in here.

Anyway I’m trying to follow the instructions on GitHub - mozilla-mobile/mozilla-vpn-client: A fast, secure and easy to use VPN. Built by the makers of Fir

Hello @mpphill2 ,
I took a quick look and it seems if you try to build with QT5 approach, you could specify a different location for /usr using the qmake command as it mentions. The other thing of note I saw was the root requirement of the daemon portion. To try it out, you could do it first in toolbox perhaps.