Moving /home to own partition under LVM?

Situation: I’m primarily a Fedora user and have a standard btrfs disk configuration on my system.
I’m starting to do some work with other Linux distros and want to put together a multiple distro system that shares /home

I used to do this 10 years ago with physical disk partitioning using gParted, but I’m curious if there’s a good way to use LVM to take my current (encrypted) disk, redo the partitioning, and then install e.g. Debian on a new partition and point in to the shared /home.
I’ve never played around in LVs in Fedora at all and it’s been a good ten years since I looked at it with Red Hat as well, so any advice is appreciated.


Migrating to LVM should be possible, but not trivial, specifically due to involved LUKS, and will probably require to temporarily relocate the data elsewhere, but you can as well just create a separate Btrfs subvolume with much less effort.

Another problem is that your boot partition may not work well with different distributions, e.g. if one of the installed systems expects blscfg, but the other one doesn’t support it.

I’m not sure the goal you want to achieve is worth all this hassle compared to simply using another distribution in a VM until you decide to completely switch to it.

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