Moving /boot, / and /home LVMs from HDD to SSD

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I want to replace my 2 HDDs by 2 SSDs I have. My system (still Fedora 37) runs a single LVM VG.
The VG is spans 2 physical disks and 3 logical volumes (swap, /root and / home).
I would like one SSD to boot and have the swap and / root file systems, the other SSD to have /home.
How should I proceed?
Thanks for ideas and feedback.

Are you intending to do a clone or a new install?

Part of your decision may be concerning swap. Unless one intends to hibernate, or has minimal RAM the swap partition seems redundant and unnecessary since fedora uses (by default) zram for virtual swap and does not use a physical swap space. That LV may not be necessary.

Personally I would (since the intent is to specify which file system goes on which device) actually use 2 PVs and 2 VGs (one of each on each SSD) then during the install create the root LV on one device/VG and use it for booting and create the /home LV on the other device/VG

I am not familiar with a way to specify that an LV be restricted to a specific physical device if there are multiple physical devices within a PV and VG.

There are many places online to research LVM management, but I did not find in a quick search any info concerning the ability to limit where an LV is created with multiple physical devices in a single VG.

Hi Vladislav, I had seen this article but was concerned about how the process would work as the partitions are live : / and /home are never really freed by the system. So I thing the only really realistically safe way forward is a new installation on the SSDs and then mounting the old LVM to migrate the old data over to the new fileystems. Thanks for the heads up anyway.
BR, Patrick.

As noted – One would never hope to successfully move any file system that is actively in use to another drive.
That would need to be done by booting to live media so both /home and / are not being used then the content could be copied over in a stable state.

Prepping the new disks could be done while booted with the installed system but actually moving the data should not.

LVM supports online move, and modern FS support online expansion: