Questions about moving /home with BTRFS

I went with the default Fedora 36 partitioning, which is a 1GB ext4 boot partition and a much larger BTRFS partition. I’d like to move /home so that I can keep it in the future if I need to reinstall. What’s the best method of handling that with BTRFS? Typically I’d shrink the existing partition, create another partition, move /home to that new partition and then update FSTAB. But I know BTRFS has features like subvolumes, dynamic space allocation, etc so I’m not sure if there’s a better way? Any help is appreciated!

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Yes, you are right BTRFS has subvolumes. If you made a default installation you have allready /home in a subvolume.

You can check that like:
sudo btrfs sub list -t /

If so, you don’t have to copy nothing. Just see that you make regularly backups of your /home outside of your Hard-drive in case your HD get’s broken once.

If you have to install your system new, then anaconda should recognize the sub-volume /home and give you the option to reuse it.

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Wow that’s awesome! Thanks for the welcome and for the info! Much simpler than I thought it would be :slight_smile: