Move Fedora but leave boot

Okay so I have a Lenovo W530 and the DVD drive has a second HD in it. Fedora is currently on a 50GB partition on sda, but there’s a lot more room on sdb so I shrunk some partitions and mad a new 150GB spot on sdb My plan is to clone the Fedora partition from sda & put it on sdb, but I want to keep the boot partition where it is. Currently my install has no separate partitions, ie no separate home or boot partitions. I want to move my Fedora install but not the boot, I want to separate that now & keep it on the original partition.
So, I clone Fedora & delete the boot directory on the cloned version and all but the boot directory on the original version. Next add a line in fstab to mount the old partition as /boot. Now I can’t have 2 partitions with the same UUID so: Either I change it on the cloned copy then change a few lines in grub so it sees my new partition. Or I can change the UUID on the boot partition & run a program called Boot-Repair & have it replace the old boot with the new one.
I generally just google then start experimenting. But just thought I would ask here, between the two is one option better than the other, or is there another even better option? Also, is there a proper procedure to mounting boot in fstab, should I make an empty boot directory or will the mount in fstab make the directory?
Thanks in advance for any help or ideas!

Here’s the official Fedora documentation:
Restoring the bootloader using the Live disk

Be sure to verify and update the configs if necessary: