Mouse wheel scrolling skips every third scroll

I’m running Fedora Kinoite 40, having switched over from Onyx through a rebase. On Onyx I was using X11, which worked just fine. Kinoite instead uses Wayland by default, which causes some issues with the scroll wheel. On most apps it works fine, however on Firefox (using Wayland directly) it seems to skip every third scroll.

I have attached a screenshot below, on the top is the output of libinput debug-events and on the bottom is the output of wev.

As you can see from the libinput output, I scrolled 6 times using the mouse wheel with around 400ms between scrolls however on the wev output only 5 scroll events were registered. The third event on the wev output has a value of 22, twice of a normal scroll event’s value, and it is delayed by an additional 400ms. Between each scroll event there is a frame line, however, between the second and third events there are two frame events, indicating that wayland did partially register the scrolling.

I’m using a wired Logitech G502 mouse, which otherwise works just fine on X11 and Windows.

Hi, I’m experiecing the same exact problem.
Depending on scroll speed setting in KDE, every n-th mouse wheel step is ignored.
For example, on setting 3, every 2nd mouse wheel step is ignored.

Have you managed to find a solution?