Laggy logitech mouse wheel on latest fedora 38 kernel

After last kernel update my moushe wheel started to get laggy.

First i suspected the hardware, but it’s working fine on another machine.

I figured out it was the new kernel after reboot, hit shift several times to show grub and then boot with the previous kernel, which is totally fine.

Initial research points to something someone did with hidipi scroll resolution.

Any clue on how to solve it or should i just pray to the next kernel update fix it?

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Please have a look if your mouse is compatible with this config tool:

Install you can it with sudo dnf install logiops

check the example config:

Hey, thanks for your answer!

Not 100% what worked out, but i installed the package you mentioned but also installed solaar.

Then checked in this option:

My Mouse is the MX Master 3S, not listed in the tested table (yet)


Did you configure alias checking if you have a config file?

No i didn’t, but logid daemon is running

Thanks for starting this discussion. I was about to pull my hair out because of this issue. I have a Logi MX Master S2 and was experiencing this bad lag too. For me the lag disappeared as soon as I installed solaar - so wanted to say thanks for that reference. The GUI of Solaar itself seems to crash a bit; but at least my mouse is functional again.

Update: just reboot and Solaar works perfectly.

I am on Kernel version Linux 6.4.14-200.fc38.x86_64
On Fedora Linux 38
Gnome Version 44.4

Laggy or slow? Always or after ‘waking’ the mouse?

There is an unsolved slow scrolling issue with several mice ever since kernel 5.0 when the hidpi stuff was introduced.