Minimal install on M1 macbook pro

Hi All,
I’m new here, just came acroos the post that Asahi Fedora is stable on M1s. I’ve a question about the minimal install.
Can I have a minimal install on M1 mac with emacs and EXWM or other WM like i3 etc.
Is it possible, and if so, can I have some help/guidance plz?
Thanks in advance.

I think x11 is not supported but I have a minimal install with sway (a wayland version of i3) and emacs (pgtk build which is wayland native) and everything works smoothly.

Sweet, thank you.
Forgive me simple question but i’m not using GNU/Linux for some time now, is it relatively streight forward?
Should i just install “minimal” and go from there installing the rest?

Yes, install minimal, then use tty to set up your system as you want. Use nmcli to connect to wifi.
If you want to use gui emacs see this Wayland native Emacs for terminal emacs you can just use one of the options in official repos.

I really apreciate it
Thanks :slight_smile: