Minecraft Crashing without any reason

So i recently installed fedora beta 36.
i have installed the nvidia driver 510.68.02
Java 1.8.0 x86_32
java 11
java17 have also been installed.
Qt5 1.15.52 has also been installed which is used by multimc
I am running the minecraft 1.12.2 so the java 1.8.0 is being used. However after running a while the game just randomly crashes along with multimc being closed. So i can not read the console and the logs arent saving any crash info. What could be causing this issue


This may not be the solution you’re looking for, but I’ll recommend trying PolyMC. It’s a fork of MultiMC and can be found on Flathub.

When I first switched to Linux I also tried to make MultiMC work until someone turned me on to this alternative. Look into it to feel more comfortable of course. Sorry if this doesn’t help; just wanted to put it on your radar.

This might help with logging, try running the application in the terminal and output that to a text file in your home directory.

Something along the lines of java -jar multimc.jar > ~/log.txt

Also, you might be able to find errors logged in GNOME Logs unless the errors are completely confined to the app.