Migrating Data from Homelab

I currently use Fedora Server to host my home lab on an old laptop. It mainly has an nextcloud and jellyfin, both of which are running through rootless podman. So, all of my data and including things like services to start them are all within my home directory.

It’s been working fine so far but I’m getting a bit concerned about the laptop since it’s not particularly new and I’m not entirely sure if it’ll suddenly give out. For one thing, it’s idling at about 50 degrees celcius average. I’m sure I could do things like get a better SSD or hardrive and clean it properly to extend its lifetime but I was also considering just getting a new Raspberry Pi (or something like it).

Either way it looks like I have to make a new install of Fedora, either on the new disk or on the Raspberry Pi. So I was wondering if I could just use Fedora Core OS and copy the home folder. if there is a better way to migrate the data, then I’m open for suggestions.

TLDR; How bad would it be if I copy my home folder containing podman containers, into a new fedora coreos install? Alternate suggestions welcome.