Can I use Feodra or its variants as Home Server/ Container OS?

I am looking to set up a homer server to save images, videos and documents ,use it as backup as well as use it as a home lab to run web apps. Does fedora allow for minimal os but has the required tools to manage containers like say proxmox?
I suspect Centos would be better suited to this scenario I like fedora any suggestions and direction to point me in I would be grateful.

Have you looked at Fedora CoreOS?

Alternatively, you could use Fedora Server:

I personally use Server for this application but it is what CoreOS was designed for.

You could use the fedora ‘everything’ install and select what you want from there to build the server of your choice.

Alternatively there is CentOS Stream, Rocky Linux, and AlmaLinux, all of which are downstream of Fedora and mainly server focused.