Microsoft Teams (flatpak or rpm) doesn't use my speakers with Fedora 34


I have a problem with Microsoft Teams, either flatpak or RPM where speakers doesn’t work.

My computer is a Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon 7th generation.

Everything was working just fine under F33.

I use Silverblue, but really, I don’t think it matters.

What do you see if you run the pavucontrol applet?

Does your speaker show up in sound panel (settings, sound, output device) ?

Microsoft teams have problems with audio cards in all platforms. I recommend to install and use pavucontrol as mentioned before to control the audio devices presented to the teams app. I used and I have 3 audio card/devices and with pavucontrol was the only way I was able to control the audio in teams.

Doesn’t change a thing. I can see a Chromium device appearing, it has the correct device selected, but still, Teams complain that there is no output device found.

What headphones do you have? I have a bt noise cancelling headphones that do not work on any platform with Teams, but teams does list it as an output device.

I can use Teams with my Sony BT headphone just fine. Just not the internal one.

do you use the flatpak or the RPM?

Teams is the only app that can’t pickup my speakers. Spotify, Zoom et al, can work as a flatpak with my laptop’s audio.

See Microsoft Teams - No speakers (#838) · Issues · PipeWire / pipewire · GitLab for a long thread on this problem.

My belief is that Teams doesn’t see SOF speakers (which I think the new Thinkpads have) under PipeWire and thus complains at startup that there are no speakers. If there is an analog speaker (e.g., USB headphones) available Teams will start output sound and pavucontrol can be used to direct the output sound, even to the SOF speakers.

Thanks @pfps I added comments to that thread. It does seem to be a bug in the Teams app where it’s precheck for compatible output devices is faulty.