Skype and Teams not detecting Speaker and or Microphone

Hey I am new to Fedora ( using Ubuntu 20.4 before ) using latest workstation now (Fedora 34 ) . I was able to set up almost everything related to my work other than microsoft apps like Skype and Teams.
I have downloaded offcial Skype , upon using the skype my Microphone and Speaker is not detected by the app . I have tried all the settings changes reinstalled pulse audio and restarted the services . I haven’t faced this issue in Ubuntu in the same laptop . Skype’s web version is working without any issues and currently I am using Skype Web for normal meetings . Recently I tried Teams as an alternative , even Teams have same problem of not detecting my speaker and Microphone .

Laptop Hardware Model is : Dell Inspiron 3501 comes with preinstalled Windows . I have removed Windows while installing Ubuntu itself . But in Windows these apps were working as expected .
Anyone faced this issue ever . Let me know your thoughts