Microphone what to buy

general questions about external microphone especially USB table model to improve talk/calls etc quality and gaming sometimes. Just looking for easy USB plug and go type on desk so when im on office i plug in my laptop to hub and there is all conneccted to hub and ready to go so what recommendations you have for me? price rage dont have?

been looking for now Blue yeti X/pro and some other brands like steelseries and kingston, but i do like blue yeti ones, but before i go i wan o make sure it is good and just plug and use no issues especially on Linux

USB microphone will work without need for additional device drivers. I use three types of external audio devices, which work without configuration. Although no brands advertize Linux compatible on their product specifications, Linux device drivers (USB Class compliant) will give plug and play experience.

If you’re after a specific brand/model, check the manufacturer’s community to get more user reviews. I don’t use any of models in the list, so I can’t advise if they work 100%.

To satisfy compatibility and audio quality, i recommend you to visit your local audio shop/brand store to test mic with your Fedora laptop. They normally have demo units for customers to try it out.

I had ordered one online, but I had to return it, not because of compatibility, but functionality (no gain knob, no direct monitoring) and audio quality. Mic is really personal choice. Happy hunting!

The blue yeti is solid one. I got one here as a backup and “travel” Mic. For the price you get a really good mic. Of course there is always something “better”. But you have to know who much money you are willing to spend.

And I second hank: Go test it out. Because maybe on your machine there might be an issue. You will never know until you tested it. So go local (better anyway) or go for a shop with a no-hassle-return-policy.

Happy recording! :slight_smile:

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I wrote an essay about trial and error with using microphone.

Beware this is not a buying guide :slight_smile: Probably I’ll collect more.