Mic not working please help

Hello you beautiful people! Please I need help! I have a hp 1040 x360 g5 laptop with fedora install. Out of the box the audio didn’t work input and output. Output in settings kept showing dummy output. I can’t remember what I did but the output is now working fine. But the issue still remains for the mic. When going ti setting/audio input shows nothing it’s like fedora doesn’t see that I have an internal mic. Please help, thank you in advance.

Audio problems after linux upgrades are not unusual. Audio hardware varies widely between vendors, so it is understandable that problems can occur. If you don’t participate in pre-release testing, you should be prepared for problems. That may mean having a USB sound adapter that supports your microphone (I use an ancient adapter meant for use with Apple Macs together with an equally ancient headset).

For me, one system was showing “dummy” output for a while, then output to one channel only, but recent updates seem to have fixed the problems. Another system still doesn’t get sound to the headphones even though they appear as output when connected.

Linux Hardware (LH) allows to upload a detailed “probe” to their searchable database. Then use the “Find Parts” tab to see reports for other systems with the same hardware and kernel version. If your hardware has linux kernel support the next step is to check Pipewire Issues for similar problems.