Headphone's mic is not working on fedora 40 new install

Hey there everyone thanks for the help!
I recently switched to fedora 40 permanently from windows and I won’t look back. Why did I installed 40 is because I wanted to use kde plasma 6 since I have an egpu dock and on plasma 6 egpu hotplug works flawlessly.

The headphone mic is not detecting at all since the install. The hedphones themselves work fine. I can confirm that the headphones was working along with it’s mic on windows.

Attached is the alsamixer screenshot, please help me get the neccessary logs and info needed as I am pretty much a noob considering linux. Thanks in advance for any help at all!

Run Pulseaudio Volume Control, select the Configuration tab and in there make sure the Profile: is set to “Analog Stereo Duplex”, because “Analog Stereo Output” only activates the output side of the audio. “Analog Stereo Duplex” is both micrphone and speakers.
Next, in the “Input Devices” tab, make sure the microphone shows there selected as “headset microphone” and the mute button is off (the left most one in the upper right). The level bar should be moving as you speak into the mic.
You can easily test that the mic is working and picking up sound by talking in to the mic while running:

arecord test.wav

which would record the default input (the mic) to a wav file. The quality of that would be pretty poor because that’s 8bit at 8kHz, you can try:

arecord -f cd test.wav

which would record two channels with 16bit at 44.1kHz.

Thanks for your reply!

Inside the configuration tab, there are only 3 options, Play HiFi quality music, pro audio and off

Headset studio microphone is definitely showing up and its definitely not muted, but the sound level bar is not moving at all no matter how much I shout. I can confirm mic is physically not muted.

test.wav is blank

Thanks again kind stranger, please do tell me what further steps I should take.

Here a hardware probe:

Analog stereo duplex is for older hardware, Pro Audio is for the Alder lake h/w, you have to experiment. Another problem is that the Alder Lake hardware and later frequently come with audio sets that aren’t supported very well like SOF (Sound Open Firmware). Kernel 6.9 will support those better.

A hint that you might have trouble is “inxi -Axx” showing this or similar

Device-1: Intel Alder Lake PCH-P High Definition Audio
    vendor: Hewlett-Packard driver: sof-audio-pci-intel-tgl

In some cases that can be cleared up by using a very new kernel 6.9 and up. Note I said “some” cases.

Some people have put kernel 6.9 kernels on their systems by using the vanilla kernel repos:


another option is to install koji package and use “koji download-build --arch=x86_64 <kernelname>” to download a kernel that’s been built on koji on page: kernel | Package Info | koji

you look at the name of a kernel that matches your fedora (like “fc40”) for the releasever and has a green checkmark meaning it built okay. I don’t see any fc40’s in there but I did see:


so this might download

mkdir tempdir
cd tempdir
koji download-build --arch=x86_64 kernel-6.9.0-0.rc0.20240322git8e938e398669.14.fc41
(allow those to download)
(remove the cruft rpms like these:     *debug*, kernel-uki*, bpftool*  and install the kernel rpms remaining):
sudo dnf install kernel*.rpm

So that would be a fc41 kernel, I’ve been able to run fc41 kernels on fedora 40

Another thing, there are some audio bugs on Fedora 40, one I have noticed is if you plug a headset in after Firefox is running and on a tab that used audio, it will not create a channel to use audio.

In some cases I had to hit the page reload so that youtube reloaded the tab, then it would seem to make the channel and play the audio. You’ll also see where it doesn’t give the headset a higher priority so you’ll plug in the headset and the sound comes out of the speakers. You have to go to pulseaudio volume control and select the headphones in the Output Devices Tab manually.
In some cases it’s worse, you can select the headphones as the output but it still doesn’t play. In that case “firefox” isn’t visible in the “Applications” tab in the KDE volume panel.
I’ve only been able to resolve that by closing the tab and reloading a new tab to the page that I want to play audio from.

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You are quite correct, it’s definitely using SOF drivers.

Unfortunately kernel 6.9 changed nothing.

uname -r

but yeah kernel 6.9 works on fc40.

It seems to be working fine here.

Thanks for the help.

It could be because my Fedora 40 is a system-upgrade and not a fresh install from the F40 iso

Thanks so much for the help, just looking at the hardware probe it seems like it won’t be supported for a while. So I got a USB dac which is reported as well supported and ofc it works perfectly.