Messed up Audio


i installed pulse audio beacuse my bluetooth earbuds were not connecting to laptop automatically. But now i messed my system audio. I have pipewire and pulse audio running together. Sometimes there is no audio and sometime youtube get stuck due to audio problem. I have to end/kill pipewire process in order to get audio. But i have to do this manualy after every restart or even if i switch audio devices.

Given with above my earbuds are connected as headset but still they work only as speaker. Their microphone doesn’t work

Looking for:

  1. How to fix audio problem
  2. Enable earbuds microphone as well

If you find some information lacking, kindly mention i will provide it at earliest.

But i have to do this manualy after every restart

What a mess.
You can disable for your user

systemctl --user disable pipewire && systemctl --user disable pipewire-pulse && systemctl --user disable wireplumber

and enable back by

systemctl --user enable pipewire && systemctl --user enable pipewire-pulse && systemctl --user enable wireplumber

how can i reset my audio settings to defualt??