No sound from integrated device when removing USB audio device (Pipewire Audio F35 KDE)

Fedora 35 KDE Plasma

I have an USB Wireless headset (no bluetooth). When I am pluggin out the USB dongle, audio seems to switch to the notebooks integrated audio device, but it does not play any audio. Spotify says “Cannot play this song currently” and Youtube in the browser plays a few milliseconds without audio, then gets stuck and suggests to restart the browser.

Any suggestions? Don’t want to reboot every time.

did you try restarting pipewire and/or wire plumber after the issue occurs.

systemctl --user restart wireplumber
systemctl --user restart pipewire*

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Yes, I did. I noticed that wireplumber was not enabled. Now it is. However, no change. Interesting enough after just closing the lid yesterday (standby) and coming back today, the speaker works.

wireplumber was not enabled

I think this was the cause. Now it changes the output device without problems when pulling the USB dongle

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