Matrix/IRC - Guidance for Meetings

Based on the messages sent out from Matrix, it sounds like our bridges are now down between IRC and Matrix.

I’m working on scheduling a meeting in a moment for a SIG and I’ve got a lot of folks who use Matrix primarily now and not IRC. I’m sure for some groups it’s the inverse as well.

Do we have any general guidance for communities about if/when the bridges will be restored or if we need to take some additional action?

There’s not currently any ETA on a fix. ;(

So, folks can just all get on IRC for meetings and use the normal meeting bot (but I understand this is not great for matrix only users) or you can do meetings on Matrix but just manually write up your minutes/logs. ;(

I’m afraid there’s no great answer right now.


We have the same problem in Ansible. I’ve been testing using Matterbridge as a relaybot, and it does work (caveat that relay bots are always ugly). The main issue is that the zodbot commands don’t make it to IRC from Matrix, there’s some Markdown interpretation going on with “#info” etc.

That said, at least the room can communicate, so as a bandage it’s … well, better than nothing. There’s a container that works in Podman, and I can share config if needed.

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