Docs Team meeting today

Sorry, I’m sitting on the return journey in the train with almost 2 hours delay due to technical train problems and only intermittent internet connection. I can’t make it today. If someone can take over, would be fine. We have still to discuss and decide the topics of last week. If nobody steps up, we meet next week as usual. Sorry

ICE train delay - no waaay. I hope you enjoyed extra time on-board.

I chaired the IRC meeting. If Docs team continues IRC only meeting until further notice, the chair needs to inform the agenda 1 or 2 days in advance as a reminder, so new people may not wait at Matrix room.

Something long-term contributors took for granted may not be obvious to new people. I must confess what I didn’t know;

  • what IRC bridge disconnected with Matrix meant
  • the bot only exists in IRC
  • IRC does not keep chat history out of box like Matrix

As a side note, my input in the Docs meeting and time commitment are limited until further notice as previously informed. I want to get the writing workshop up and running, and focus solely on it for 12 months, at least.

Thanks for your understanding.