Docs Team meeting today

Today is the first day of September and time to resume our weekly meeting.

18:30 UTC

Following agenda:

  • Writing together virtually.
  • What’s the next step in improving Quick Docs?
  • Proposal for a change in the structure of the Docs homepage.
  • Open discussion

Remember, this is an IRC-only meeting. The Matrix Bridge is not working again yet - as far as I know.

I like the IRC meeting! No need to relearn anything.
Let’s keep track of what’s going on in Discussion because I don’t know how to keep old chats in IRC. I deactivated my Matrix account.

If I understood your issue correctly: you can see the past meetings through the meetbot. E.g., yesterday:
summary: Meetbot Logs
full log: Meetbot Logs

Thanks for getting back to me quickly. I wondered how I could track chats on #fedora-docs channel because chats outside meeting rooms are not recorded by bot.

If the bridge is down in terms of that Matrix does not log conversations
that happen in IRC (does it?), I am not sure if there is an IRC bot who
does logging by default. When I was using IRC (which is a long time
ago), people had bouncers since by default an IRC channel does not log
conversations → I don’t know if current IRC server software added this
possibility. If not, and if the bridge remains not usable, you might
check out this:
set up logging for #fedora-coreos IRC channel · Issue #11 · coreos/fedora-coreos-tracker · GitHub (maybe that
contains some incentives that help to get independent of Matrix bridges
when it comes to logging)

However, be aware that if people use the channel to have “less public”
conversations, such possibilities might undermine this opportunity,
depending on how/where logs are published. Additionally, the legal
concerns mentioned in the github issue might be considered. So I’m not
sure if such a solution is really satisfying.

Concerning IRC bouncers: you might also check out this:
Never leave IRC again with ZNC - Fedora Magazine → znc is still in our
default Fedora repositories, within the repos it is up to date (1.8.2 →
current stable release) and the tool itself seems to be still maintained
(there are nighty builds of mid-August 2023). Maybe you can exploit that
somehow in your given env/infra :wink: