Docs Team meeting today, Nov 15, 2023, cancelled

Unless someone comes up with topic(s) to discuss and/or decide, we cancel the meeting today!

I did a dry run with the Matrix native bot. See the (blank) minute.

Let me suggest topics for 22 November for broader audiences.

  • Idea: reach out to workshop participants (one person joined from the Write the Docs community)
  • Idea: Social media plan and support required: frequency, messaging (tagline and key value propositions of Docs workshop and contributions)
  • Follow-up with the Podcast team: find the room link here.
  • Writing workshop agenda review for December
  • 2024 strategy: goals. Visibility on social and F2F events. Content calendar
  • Collaboration with JAM-team: Hank

@pboy is the next meeting on Matrix or IRC? We need to update the Fedocal and contributor page in advance if we switch to Matrix.