Make KDE Apps look native in Fedora 36 Gnome

Hi All,
I recently switched from Manjaro-KDE to Fedora(36)-Gnome. I have been using KMyMoney for a long time that I have to use it even now. But, what adjustments should I do to make KMyMoney look (as much possible) as native in Gnome?
I googled and I could not decide the proper way to do this. Any help, please?
Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

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What you are talking about this application was written using qt framework but for gnome it uses gtk and libadwaita so it is not possible to look native but that is okey as apps updated to newer qt6 it will be similar in visual department as gtk.
You can switch to a kde spin as well if you want to.

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Easiest way would be to run Fedora Linux wit the KDE Spin:

Fedora KDE Plasma Desktop
There is even a immutuable spin of it

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Do you have qgnomeplatform installed on your system? It tries to do this: