Lvm2-monitor.service runs endlessly on startup

Hey pals,

i’m stuck at boot with the following message:

“A start job is running for Monitoring of LVM2 mirrors, snapshots etc. using dmeventd or progress polling”

I waited 30 mins,… still running.

Any idea what could prevent this service from coming to an end?

Greets Jackson

Symptomatic treatment:
mask the lvm2-monitor service as stated here.

In the article linked above they tell you to start from a live-stick and chroot the local environment to mask the lvm2-monitor service. This wasn’t possible for me, cause the live-stick boot procedure gets stuck at the same point.

My disk setup looks like following:
Disk1 (SSD) and Disk2 (SSD) as a RAID0: System data (/, /home, etc.)
Disk3 (HDD) and Disk4 (HDD) as a RAID1: Personal data

I just disabled Disk3 and Disk4 via UEFI and now fedora is booting.
Mask the service: sudo systemctl mask lvm2-monitor.service
Enable Disk3 and Disk4 again and you’re good to go.

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I had this problem on a freshly installed Fedora 33 Workstation

I waited patiently, then hammered CTRL-ALT-DEL (more than 7 times in 2s to force reboot). And then I had to wait patiently some more.

Then I noticed that there was activity on the LiveUSB stick still in the port. I removed it. Activity resumed. Booting properly became possible.

This seems to have autosolved the problem. No masking needed.