Stuck on boot Fedora 32, "job is runnning for Monitoring LVM2 mirrors..."

…not sure why this all of a sudden has come up in my booting to Fedora 32, but the boot process says “job is running for monitoring LVM2 mirrors… using “dvmentd” or progress polling”… the “job” never ends… I;ve let it run for over 8 hours straight, figuring once it checked my HDDs it would continue with the boot, but if seems to be stuck. I cannot boot into my Fedora 32 install, and the process is the same if I try to boot form the LIVE image, it gets stuck.

This all started after I installed second RAID array for my /home directory. I do not have LVMs, all my HDDs are partitioned with “msdos” type partitions. I have a dual boot machine with Windows installed on sda, Fedora 32 on the first RAID array /dev/md126 and now /home on the second RAID arrray on a single extended partition /dev/md124. The RAID is hardware RAID via an Intel RAID chip on an Asus Workstation board and BIOS. It is an old system, 2007 ? with an Intel Q9650 cpu, no SDDS.

What follows may not be related but was the last time I was on F32. After I migrated /home to the new RAID array, all was working fine of that session and I “suspended” and went to bed. When I woke the machine up from the “suspend” Y had no internet access, and I shutdown, and have not been able to boot back into Fedora due to the "monitoring LVM2 mirrors; job mentioned above.

I do get the GRUB menu, but now, when I boot into Windows I get the brief quick flash on screen “Setting partition type to 0x7” and the Windows boot proceeds OK.

I was able to boot up with the GParted-LIVE disk and all partitions and RAID arrays seem fine, but that is as far as I got. While on Windows I was able to check on the RAID arrays as well using Intel’s RAID software, and all seems OK.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.


…after some googling I’ve found these posts that may provide a fix, but I am unable to access my F32 system to do the modifications since I cannot boot into it, due to my /home being in the second RAID array (which is the one likely causing the issues), as it all was fine before I installed it and made the migration of /home.

Gparted Live (Debian Based) does boot, and shows my disks as unmounted, and am assuming there would be a way to mount my disks and do the edits while on Debian, but do not feel confident I know how to do so.

The fix that seems the most promising is at the bottom of this post 1768498 – Fedora-Live-31 fails to boot: A start job is running for Monitoring of LVM2 Mirrors... but not sure what file to insert them into, or where I am supposed to put them. …

Since I have no LVMs seems this error is being caused by something that needs to be fixed in the boot process…?

Cheers !

OK, got it fixed, after fretting I would further mess things up… beginner fright…

Was quite easy actually.

Booted with GParted LIVE, since F32 LIVE could not get past the “LVM2 monitoring job”, created /srv/home and mounted my F32 root partiion to it. Edited /srv/home/etc/lvm/lvm.conf as per Michael Riss’s suggestions (comment #9 in post linked below), and all seems well now (have rebooted several times with no issues). Seems the “masking option” fix is not a good fix; at least for the particulars of my issue.

I still have the “set partition type to 0x7” when grub boots into Windows. …may look into it, but not causing me problems. Windows does show my /home F32 RAID partition as a “primary” partition, whereas I set it up as an “extended” partition, and that is what GParted shows when booted into F32.

…link to MIchael Riss’s comment