Stuck on "A start job is running for LVM direct..."

Hi! I have an issue booting fedora since last night. I think I didn’t made any change on last 3 or 4 days.

On the morning I had upddated the system (the security automatic update only). On the night I lose energy for 5 mins. so my machine was forced to shutdown. After that incident when I try to boot it stucks on this message:

"A start job is running for LVM direct activation of logical volumes"

This job never ends, don’t have any error, just stay on that point.

I tryed to boot from the rollbacks on grub menu but all rollbacks stuck in the same point .

The only difference is on rescue mode, stuck at the same point but I have these errors too (before the LVM job):

[FAILED] Failed to start Load Kernel Modules
[TIME] Timed out waiting  for device /dev/zram0
[DEPEND] Dependency failed for Compressed swap on /dev/zram0
[DEPEND] Dependency failed for Create swap on /dev/zram0

I had use my fedora’s usb (the one with I installed first time), I can boot perfectly on live usb, I tryed to open my machine HDD and all works fine (is security encrypted, just put password and can see and open my files perfectly). But still not boot from there.

Is there anyway to fix this from live usb? I’m lost I really don’t know where to see.

I’m using latest fedora 33 (2 months install I think), with just a few of programs installed, mostly the defaults the basics to frontend development— apache, and some graphic tools.

Thanks in advance!!