Lower left part of the screen dims and brightens slightly occasionally. How to know whether this is a hardware issue or GNOME/Intel issue?

wow. This command is amazing. I saw a list down below:

Conditional Packages:

I want to whether these two packages are manually installed by me or not. If it is manually installed then I want to uninstall them, and see if it will a problem:

  • Lower left part of the screen dims and brightens slightly occasionally. A kind of vibration in the display.

I just installed a driver from RPM fusion to see if it solves the issue.

sudo dnf install intel-media-driver.x86_64


I shifted back to Wayland. Now I experience fewer side effects than I used to see in X11. But I do it sometimes.

@bond , hey 007, I have split your post from the iwlwifi topic it seems to be unrelated. Please edit your topic (headline and text) and describe the problem you are facing and the question(s) you have…

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Cool. Never have I ever seen SPLIT post feature before.
I think I’m starting to admire Discourse more than traditional Stackexchange network.

it’s a function for moderator’s to tidy up. the general idea is to open a new topic for each question/problem/topic/issue. that way the topics stay clean and slim and users can (hopefully) quickly find a solution without reading through pages of (partly unrelated) posts…

is your issue with intel-media-driver solved?


No, I still can’t pinpoint the problem. I mean, how to trace this issue and find a root cause of this.

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