Live hacking on Fedora Infra Apps

Hey folks!

In about 30 minutes (short notice, I know!) and every Friday at 13:00 UTC, I’ll be online steaming on Twitch about the development of Fedora infrastructure apps.

The goal is to spread knowledge of how to contribute to our apps. So I’ll start on a clean env, checkout one of our apps, setup a dev env, fix a small bug, test it, and create a PR.

At the beginning of every session I’ll pick a bug from our easyfix/good-first-issue list, it has to be a simple bug so that I can do all that in 1h30 max.

Come and ask any questions! :slight_smile:

P.S.: I’m not tied to Twitch in any way, and I’m happy to switch to a more appropriate platform if needed as soon as I’m more comfortable generally streaming stuff :slight_smile:


Great initiative, would love to check out more people doing live hacking on open source stuff!


Awesome! Next time try to ping social media guys in the marketing Matrix channel (or IRC), to promote it a little bit more. Thanks for taking this initiatives!


Sure, there will be more opportunities to do that :slight_smile:
I’ll try to stay on the 1/week schedule.


Hey everyone, it’s on again today, same time, same place. See you there! :slight_smile:

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Another Friday, another livestream. In about an hour I’ll be online demonstrating how to fix issues in Fedora Infrastructure applications.
This times it’s likely that there will be Typescript involved! (but no guarantee, viewers can still vote)
Come hang out!

Hey, guess what’s happening in 5 minutes? You guessed right, another livestream on Fedora applications bugfixes!
Join at the start to vote for what I’ll be working on, or propose bugs for me to look at. There may be #TypeScript involved this time… Or will it be python again?
Come hang out here: Twitch

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It was a really good session, I will try to be on other sessions to help. Thanks for doing this


I’m going to have to hang out next Friday. @abompard , great stuff!


Thanks a lot for the support, friends, I’m really happy that it’s actually useful to some people :slight_smile:
You’ll find all the replays in this playlist:

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It’s that time of the week again! In an hour I’ll be livestreaming on bugfixes for #Fedora infrastructure applications again.
Come hang out!

Join for some more bugfixes! :slight_smile:


Some more in 5 minutes !

Ping for those subscribed to this topic, it’s in 30 minutes again :slight_smile:
Oh by the way, it’s now at 14:00UTC because of the marvellous wonder of DST. Happy Chaotic Meetngs Week.

Livestream in 30’ ! :slight_smile:

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Guess what? Yeah, you guessed right!

Pretty sure you already know what you’re going to do in an hour.

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In 10 minutes now!

Hi hi subscribers! See you in an hour! :slight_smile:

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Tick-tock-tick-tock… 10 minutes! :slight_smile: