LinuxFest Northwest 2019

We just got the Call-for-Papers notification for LFNW2019. The theme will be “Past, Present, and Future”. I think it would be great to do a talk regarding the 15 year Fedora Core Anniversary, how Fedora got started, where it is now, and where it is going.

We could talk Modularity and SilverBlue and how that may look in the RHEL future release. I could do some of the talk. I would be glad to share the lectern with an official Red Hat employee.

The dates for LFNW2019 are April 26-28 of 2019. Let me know. I will be updating the events wiki to provide more information.

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I just created an event page over at LinuxFestNW 2019 Event - Fedora Project Wiki. There will be more information as we get into December. January 31 is the cut-off date for paper submissions.

Hey @steelaworkn

I think you might get more response if you pick a few ideas and specifically ask for help presenting those topics. It will be easier for people to see how they connect to this event. I also encourage you to explore in the email thread your specific goals, some of which are hinted at on the wiki page.