Fedora Linux 36 Release Party: What topics do you want to hear about?

Hi Friends!

The Mindshare Committee is starting to plan the (virtual) Fedora Linux 36 Release Party! I am writing this post to gather community feedback so we can make sure this bi-annual event stays fresh and relevant for Fedorans & Fedora users.

What topics/social sessions/presenters would you like to see at this event? Please leave your ideas in the comments below.

Past schedules for reference:

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Questions for those who are interested in engaging a little more:
Do you have something wonderfully fresh & Fedora-y that you would like to present?
Would you be interested in helping organize and/or moderate the event?
Are you an Ambassador, Advocate, or other person active in a local community, and would be interested in putting together a session or series of sessions in your local language?
Have you been to a past Release Party and have Opinionsโ„ข about what worked well and what didnโ€™t?
Are you in a time zone that really doesnโ€™t work with the normal Release Party schedule and youโ€™d be up to organize/moderate sessions that are just right for your time zone?

If you are saying โ€œYESโ€ or even โ€œyeah, sureโ€ to any of these questions, please drop a comment with your ideas or about how youโ€™d like get involved. Thank you!!


Two topics I think would be great to see:

  1. An update on PipeWire integration with Fedora
  2. New website redesigns for getfedora.org
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