Fedora Release Party in Frankfurt, Germany - November 16

@jbley and me are organizing Fedora Release Party in Frankfurt am Main.


Let’s meet and celebrate the new Fedora Linux 39 release!

We plan to start the informal gathering at 16:00, then have some talks (you can submit yours) and informal discussions. More detailed agenda is TBD.


  • November 16, 2023
    Start at 16:00


How to join


The venue requires registration, therefore please send an email with your full name to @jbley (jbley@redhat.com) before November 14.

Submit a talk

If you’d like to present at the event please submit a talk.

Sent a small abstract and the expected time (20-30 minutes?) to Julia.

Wiki page: Release Party F39 Frankfurt - Fedora Project Wiki


I’m still in Germany - a few months longer than expected. I hope I can join, but I cannot make promises at the moment :woozy_face:

Hopefully, see you people there. Otherwise, have fun :slight_smile:


Start 16 o’clock. Open End? Question due to Hotel needed?

There is some upper limit in the office for sure, and @jbley probably knows it.

But in the end it depends on the audience. Since it is our first attempt to do a release party in this area we don’t really know yet how it is going to work. So I am intentionally avoiding making any huge promises.

I can expect many local folks willing to go home after a long work day. But I also think that we can easily move into a nearest pub and/or play a couple of board games if someone wants to stay for longer.

We will have to see and learn as we go.

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Unfortunately I missed this. Will there be a f40 party in the area?

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