Libreoffice Writer won't start unless is reachable over network

Hi, I have this problem, that if I’m not connected to the Internet, I can’t use LibreOffice Writer, because when Writer starts it is resolving domain And if it can’t resolve it (dns not reachable as I’m offline) it is stuck and won’t start. If I’m online all is OK, and from tcpdump I can see some data are exchanged over https with
Am I’m only one having this problem? How can I prevent this behavior? Is it possible to disable
I’m using:

LIbreOffice Version: (X86_64)
Build ID: 50(Build:1)
CPU threads: 2; OS: Linux 6.1; UI render: default; VCL: gtk3
Calc: threaded

LibreOffice is installed from natively from distribution, I’m on Fedora 38.
Also I have LanguageToolsServer disabled in Tool->Options->Language Settings->LanguageToolServer. Also in Language Settings->Writing Aids I have disabled Language Tool Remote Gammar Checker.

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Also this behavior is manifested only if my network interface is up, but my network router is down.

One workaround would be to disable the online LanguageTool Remote Grammar Checker see New LibreOffice 7.4 LanguageTool Remote Grammar Checker - LanguageTool Forum

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Well, that is disabled but this problem persists. Anyway this bug is already tracked here:

So I think the best way to do now is to wait if developers will fix it…

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