Let's Talk About Contributing to Fedora infrastructure

Hey Everyone!

We always welcome contributors to the Fedora Infrastructure, big or small, regular or occasional. We also like to encourage people of all skill levels.

For newcomers we have some documentation for how to get started: Infrastructure/GettingStarted - Fedora Project Wiki

We have a number of ways to reach out:

After reaching out and introducing yourself have a look at our ticket trackers and see if something interests you.

Here you can volunteer to work on tickets or ask to shadow the person who will be working on it.

You can also raise tickets there yourself for anything related to the Fedora infrastructure or to request access.

And for people who wish to dedicate a bit more time: Orientation Infrastructure SOP :: Fedora Docs

We also have this presentation that gives an overview of what we do and how we do it: Keeping the Lights on for Fedora Project Infra - DevConf.CZ 2022 - YouTube

For those of you who have been around a while and may want to do more the first step is to simply ask.

Raise a ticket on the tracker or if it is a large amount of work raise an initiative proposal: Overview - cpe/initiatives-proposal - Pagure.io

If you’re interested in getting more involved but have had trouble with the process, or if you have a specific idea you want to implement but for whatever reason haven’t felt empowered to try it out, we’d love to hear about the problems you’ve faced. What are the blockers and how could we make things better?

We are always looking for improvements and ideas to help make the infrastructure better and get the community more involved.