Let's find a new 2023 Mindshare meeting time!

Okay, we have talked about it for some time, but let’s get a new meeting day and time on the map for the Mindshare Committee! All Mindshare folks, please fill out this Whenisgood poll and help us select new times to meet.

Remember, change your time zone first before painting in times from your calendar!

As a note, in addition to new days and times, I also want to propose that we mix up the format. I suggest that we make half of our meetings every month into text meetings and the other half into audio/video meetings. I think we could gain by having more high-bandwidth interactions on video in addition to our existing format over text on Matrix/IRC. Open to feedback on this idea as well, if folks think it would help.

Tagging these folks who I would like to fill the above poll: @duffy @ffmancera @madelinepeck @nb @pbokoc @smeragoel @thunderbirdtr