Lenovo Yoga 9 Pro 16IMH9 - Type 83DN ICC issue

So I picked up the above laptop about a month ago, and have been looking to maybe use Fedora on it for my daily driver.

So this laptop has a miniled panel. In windows it runs a custom ICC to keep the colors in check. Under F40 with KDE6 (which I prefer) in Settings/Color Management it does not list any display. Under Gnome and F40 I was able to apply the ICC profile using Gnome Settings/Display. Interesting to note if in Gnome I load the KDE Settings app, the display does show with the proper ICC profile applied. The ICC profile is needed because the display defaults to intensely red. In the past dmesg has shown an error attributed to the nvida driver saying it could not read the edid info from the display. The laptop is dual gpu using Intel apu and nvidia for performance use.

HW probe of Lenovo Yoga Pro 9 16IMH9 83… #3ca5d3e669 hardware scan from in KDE.
HW probe of Lenovo Yoga Pro 9 16IMH9 83… #6a613cc232 scan from in Gnome.
Any suggestions?

If the proper edid data is not read then the driver and DE cannot properly manage the display. This seems a hardware issue possibly related to bios, the display itself, or some combo thereof.

There have been several threads here about edid data and possibly one of them may point you in the proper direction for a solution. Maybe even to copy the edid data from windows or from gnome to kde since you indicate that using kde settings within gnome shows the required data…