Lenovo i9 wont use nVidia GTX 1650ti GPU

I recently switched to Fedora from Zorin (debian) / Windows 11. I have a Lenovo Yoga i9 Laptop with an nVidia 1650ti GPU. As it is a laptop with both Intel + nVidia. After install, no games will utilize the GPU, only the Intel. I know this is a good working system as it has had both Windows 11 and Zorin OS within the past 6 months. I am comparing my expectation of performance against that which was seen with Zorin OS installed.

So far I went through the process of updating the drivers following the Howto RPM fusion org guide Howto/NVIDIA - RPM Fusion and can verify that the nvidia drivers are in fact working. Couple quick version / info:

#/sbin/lspci | grep -e VGA returns VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation CometLake-H GT2 [UHD Graphics] (rev 05)

#/sbin/lspci | grep -e 3D returns 3D controller: NVIDIA Corporation TU117M [GeForce GTX 1650 Ti Mobile] (rev a1)

#modinfo -F version nvidia returns 530.41.03

This tells me that I in fact do need to configure for Optimus Howto/Optimus - RPM Fusion. It also confirms that all hardware is seen and accessible, and my drivers are updated fully.

I have followed the instructions for NVIDIA PRIME Support, and verified the modprobe.d/nvidia file does exist and is setup as recommended. I also am launching applications with the environment variable:


I also attempted to manually launch the applications:

flatpak run --device=dri --env=__NV_PRIME_RENDER_OFFLOAD=1 --env=__VK_LAYER_NV_optimus=NVIDIA_only --env=__GLX_VENDOR_LIBRARY_NAME=nvidia

Unfortunately, games (World of Warcraft installed via Lutris, and Snowrunner installed via Steam) both use my intel only card. Additionally, NVIDIA X Server Settings (NVIDIA Settings window) does not show any information at all relating to the existence of my GPU, only the two options (Application Profiles and nvidia-settings configuration).

Also note, i recognize I am a Linux Novice. I am not afraid of command line, learning, and trying anything - just while i have used it for 10+ years for work, it’s been VERY limited in how much I needed to interact with it and have very little actual knowledge on usage as a full-time pc.

Thank you in advance.

If you wish and are willing to use xorg instead of wayland you could follow the instructions here and have everything using the nvidia GPU. This is what I do with my laptop.

One also can usually right click on the icon to launch an app and select to run that app using the dedicated GPU.

Thank you - 100% willing to switch to Xorg. I personally see no reason to stick with one over the other (i mean, Wayland is newer ETC) at this time if it works better.

I will give it a try and report back soon.

thank you! After several days of working on this, and trying it repeated times, it worked. That finally got my nvidia 1650ti showing up and getting used!

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