Legacy GeForce 8/9/200/300 on RPM Fusion

I am installing an NVIDIA driver for my newly installed Fedora 32. It tells me about this:

“Supported on current stable Xorg server release. EOL by NVIDIA at the end of 2019. Still available on “best effort basis” (newer kernel may break, will be discontinued at anytime if not actively maintained)”

It successfully installed, however, it tells about the end-of-life. Should I change my graphics card for this? Or there are other way to install if ever it won’t be longer supported on RPM Fusion?

The driver is no longer supported by RPM Fusion. Surely, there are ways to install the driver but you would be left back with an older version with no bug fixes whatsoever for a forseeable time.

I would strongly suggest you to use nouveau if you ain’t switching your graphics card any time soon. At least, nouveau is actively maintained.

Also, welcome to Fedora! :slight_smile:


If you want all the features available with the nvidia drivers and all the newer features of the latest kernels then I would suggest you get a newer video card that is currently supported.

If the newer features are not important then stick with older drivers and hardware. Drivers that are not provided by rpmfusion may require that you compile updates (if any) on your own as the OS and kernels are updated.

However, nvidia has discontinued support for many older cards and their drivers so it is likely that continuing updates to the os and applications will quickly make the older cards unusable.

You can go here to see what video cards and drivers nvidia still supports. Be aware that rpmfusion has chosen to drop support for (IIRC) all the drivers/cards that nvidia has classed as legacy since those cards are shrinking in their install base. For those die-hards that continue to use the legacy cards some of the drivers are still available from nvidia.

BTW, you don’t say which card you have, or which driver it needs so without details it is impossible for us to give you any suggestions, only general information.