No Official Nvidia Repo for Fedora 38?

I went down a rabbit hole trying to figure out how to get my NVIDIA eGPU to work when I ran across this post which claims that the RPMFusion driver doesn’t detect eGPUs which was consistent with what I experienced. But when I went to install the official driver I noticed NVIDIA only offers a repo up to Fedora 37, which is end-of-life in just a couple months. Is NVIDIA going to add Fedora 38 support at some point, or are future Fedora releases no longer supported? I couldn’t find official word from Nvidia about it but maybe someone else knows something.

I strongly urge one to not use the files directly from nvidia.

Instead you should use the gnome software tool and enable the 3rd party repos then install then nvidia drivers from rpmfusion. In this way you have several things covered at the same time.

  1. Updates of the drivers are done automatically whenever there is an update to either the driver or the kernel.
  2. The drivers remain in sync with the fedora releases. At present rpmfusion provides repos for F37 & F38. If they continue as has been past performance there will be a new repo to support Fedora 39 when it is released
  3. The drivers and installation are tweaked to work well with fedora and the user normally has nothing to do except install and forget.
  4. The cuda software is also available and compatible so the user does not need to search elsewhere for all the tools to take advantage of the gpu capabilities.

I recommend installing and configuring as shown at