Laptop not powering off

I’m running Fedora 32 Workstation on a Lenovo Yoga S940-14IIL with Intel processor and graphics. I’m using an external monitor connected with HDMI over a USB-C dongle. When I have had the computer running for a few hours and I try to shut it down it won’t power off.

I use Power Off/Log Out → Power Off… → Power Off . I’ve checked the console by pressing ESC on the power off screen. I can see that it goes through all the stages with the last message being Power off. The screen goes blank but not black since the it is not powered off. The light on the power button is still on also. It seems like this happens when the laptop has been running for a few hours since I don’t have any issues if I just start up the laptop and then Power it off. Then it powers off fully/correctly. It might be related to when the setting Power Saving → Blank Screen has been activated.

Is there anything I can do to make sure it Powers off fully?