Lack of network protocols

I’m studying computer network and noticed that silverblue lacks several network protocols in the terminal. The only option you have is to install via RPM, which is a little different from the proposal to have a container system. I would like these protocols to be inserted into the system’s ISO, it would be good for both students and professionals.

I think you should try toolbox first. As an example if you need telnet:

toolbox enter
sudo dnf -y install telnet

More at Toolbox :: Fedora Docs

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What is Silverblue missing in particular? This is an interesting topic for me because my occupation is in network support.

Frankly most of the modern platforms from any networking vendor use Linux for their underpinnings but you wouldn’t know it on the CLI. It’s all aliased commands or some other type of shim… you don’t often see the raw *nix version of the commands, or at least I haven’t even when working with other vendors. Nutanix is one company that comes to mind who uses full out *nix commands but I’m sure there are others.

The most common open source tools I use everyday are PuTTY (my company pays for SecureCRT but 90+% of all customers use PuTTY on Windows tbh), Wireshark of course, VLC (useful for testing AV streams; multicast), and occasionally customers will set up an iperf session.

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