Lack of documentation for the Fedora 36 kubernetes packages

Looks like Fedora 36 has the necessary support for the kubernetes.
At least when I do sudo dnf install kubernetes it installs containerd and kubeadm - however no clear way how to init the kubernetes cluster as no command is available for the kubeadm. So not sure what should happen after that, wonder if there is any Fedora specific documentation for it? Otherwise is easier to use available tutorials for minikube and similars.
The sad part of doing it in other way would mean the hardwork put into supporting official packages for fedora goes away… which makes me a bit sad when such work is thrown away just because of usability (or lack of knowledge)…

At least I’ve seen few folks over internet complaining about same thing, would be great to have some links to docs regarding this package

Hello @stanislavtrifan ,
Welcome to :fedora: !
Did you mean kubectl as the administrative command for kubernetes on Fedora?
Here is some documentation I found on Kubernetes on F36