Kudos to SB team and everyone involved

I’m not sure where to post this, but I wanted to give some kudos to the Silverblue team. I’ve upgraded SB twice now. Once from 33 to 34 and just recently from 34 to 35. Both have been the most painless distro upgrades I’ve ever had (I’ve been using desktop linux since the late 90s).

With 34 to 35 in particular I kicked off the upgrade and while it was busy I carried on with my work (safe in the knowledge that the upgrade doesn’t occur in-place, so there’s no risk of a tool or library suddenly being swapped out beneath my feet). After I was done I shut down my machine.

I didn’t use my computer again for a couple of days, and when I did I actually forgot that I’d initiated the upgrade. Everything worked perfectly, and only after about 20 minutes did I remember that I’d even upgraded. It was completely seamless.

I know that some other distros upgrade out-of-place (e.g. NixOS), and some others have rollback (e.g. openSUSE), but SB is the only one I’ve seen that combines these great features and maintains a slick, user friendly, and well integrated desktop environment.

Kudos to everyone involved!