Kmscon configuration

I downloaded and installed kmscon, because I would like to have nice glyph rendering in tty.
I can get it to spawn the login command, but as soon as I log in I get kicked out and back to the login.

I created a Vagrant project to reproduce the issue:

It needs virtualbox and vagrant installed.

I set up the bootstrap script to enable kmscon on tty4.

If anyone is willing to help me investigate this, these are the steps to reproduce:

  1. git clone
  2. cd test-kmscon-fedora
  3. vagrant up --provision
  4. Open VirtualBox gui, open the running virtual machine
  5. Press right Ctrl to capture keyboard inputs
  6. Press RCtrl (right control) and F4 to open tty4
  7. try logging in with user vagrant, password vagrant

Thanks in advance,

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