Kinoite: Upgrading from 37 to 38 via Discover (SOLVED)

Hello All,

I am in the process of evaluating Fedora Kinoite 37/38 as a distribution for use with non-technical users. According to the Fedora Docs, I should be able to upgrade my testing VM from 37 to 38 via the Discover GUI. Despite looking all over the app, I cannot find an option to perform major upgrades. Minor upgrade work fine, and the system is an update-to-date version (patched to 4-29-23 as of writing this post). What am I missing? Thanks.

Sidenote: While I know how to do it over command line, this test is exclusively for seeing if GUI support works.


For anyone reading this post. I upgraded from April 29th’s release to the May 1st realease and now the “major upgrade available” banner appears in the Discover’s updates page. I will try it to see if the update process works, but otherwise this answers my post.