Kinoite Extremely Slow, Repeating Characters

Installed SilverBlue 33 in a KVM VM, but it is practically unusable.

It’s very slow to respond to clicks, and when typing characters some repeat endlessly.

Is this Wayland? If so, is there a way to switch?

Welcome @quantumstate!

Are you using Silverblue/GNOME or Kinoite/KDE? In both cases, you can select on the login screen if you want a Wayland or session. Can you try with both desktop environment and both session type to see which one work or not?

Thank you. Using Kinoite. I’ve found that likely the slowdown was due to yet another busted Aruba AP. Removed it and waiting to see if the problem recurs.

Meanwhile, nothing in Discover is installable. All packages (like KWrite) say, “The name is not activatable”

Under Settings|MissingBackends it lists
Discover - Flatpak backend
Discover - Packagekit backend
Discover - Snap backend

There doesn’t seem to be a way to search for anything layerable in ostree, so I can’t find whether there are additional Discover plugins.

Discover currently does not work really well on Kinoite. You have to disable the PackageKit & Snap backends at least. I recommend installing apps from Flathub via the command line for now until this is solved.