Kernel test day results

Hey, @sumantrom sent this note to me earlier, and it seemed appropriate to share here. Good results from the Fedora Kernel Test Week article just recently published!

Here’s a snippet
<sumantro> I hope the test week was good…right? anything that we could do better?
<jforbes> No, it went wondefully, I updated the ticket a few minutes ago. Roughly 70 more tests run this time around. Very good!
In total we had 362 tests submitted from 130 different testers. Of those 15 were non x86.

I can’t thank you more for all the help you and the entire Fedora Magazine team did!!!


That is definitely good to see.
You know, this is feedback that maybe could be shared in a Fed Mag article. Test participation numbers and how it makes a real contribution to the project by taking the time to volunteer to do those tests. Just spit balling.