Kernel panic

Hello everyone hope you’re doing well.

I’m new to the whole Linux community I tried dual booting fedora with my newly installed windows 10, sadly I was unable to do so since when ever I click on start fedora workstation (as well as any other option)
I get this error :

If I touch anything i get kernel panic ( can’t show more than one picture since I’m a new user)

Does anyone know what to do??

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Try reinstalling/restoring GRUB2:
Bootloading with GRUB2 :: Fedora Docs

Out of Memory?
How much memory is on that machine?

I am guessing that you are referring to booting from a USB to the live install image and that it fails with the given error. If so it might be just what it says, not enough memory.

Fedora 34 requires a minimum of 2 GB memory (recommended 4 GB) and fedora 35 requires a minimum of 4 GB memory.

You can check the requirements with a quick google search “fedora 35 system requirements”

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