Kernel panic on Intel NUC10i3FNH

We use Fedora kernels to build an initrd and vmlinuz by copying them from within a Fedora Docker container, to be mounted unto a USB drive for live booting. This usually works for most of our test systems, but sometimes when a system is not properly supported, we get kernel panics. The weird thing is that, when we try booting Fedora 34 with the same kernel, it often works (not always). When we boot our custom images over PXE, they also work (but with audio issues).

We pretty much concluded that, since this is such a specific issue, it must be related to the USB kernel module simply not supporting this system. My question is: “How do I get this kernel to support the USB IO on this Intel NUC device, so we can continue to use Fedora kernel boot images?” Most of the time, newer kernels can add support for newer systems. Where can I get the developers to look into the hardware support for this device in particular? How can we speed up the process for gaining full support on this device?

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The addition of support in the kernel for hardware happens upstream, so it’s best to take this there. You can submit patches there etc. You can also do this downstream at Fedora, but it’ll take longer for the kernel maintainers to send it upstream especially if they don’t have the hardware or a use-case for the hardware. (Fedora package maintainers don’t tend to carry patches downstream unless absolutely necessary)

I’d probably start in one of the mailing lists:

or bugzilla?

Linux Kernel Bugzilla